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LIFX Color 1000 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

LIFX Color 1000 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

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  • LIFX Color 1000 A19

  • Compatible with Amazon Echo

  • Easy to set up; Built-in Wi-Fi no hub

  • Adjustable up to 16 million colors and 1000 shades of whites

  • Bright equivalent to 75W bulb

  • App and cloud controls

  • https://youtu.be/TbPGALzsvzA



Lighting, your way.

The LIFX Color 1000 A19 is a Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb with the power to choose between 16 million colors and 1000 shades of whites in a single bulb. This bulb is packed with 1055 lumens (75 watt equivalent) casting bright versatile light. Control lights at home or away, schedule to turn off and on, set alarms, create custom groups and much more.

With LIFX, how your bulbs connect to Wi-Fi is important, so all our technology is built right into each individual bulb - no hub or starter kit required.


Easy Set Up

Setup is fast. With the LIFX WiFi technology built within each bulb, all you will need is your LIFX light and smart device, no hub required. You install your LIFX bulb as you would any traditional light, download the LIFX App and with a few simple steps, you're connected.

(1) Install your bulb, (2) Download the app, (3) Connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy.



Be delighted when you tap into effects and watch your light turn into a candle flicker. Transform your room with preset themes or get creative with custom scenes. Schedule your lights to wake up naturally each morning to a gradually increasing light or automatically turn off at night when you want.

Connect to LIFX with your Apple Watch or Android Wear, without having to reach for your smartphone, tablet or even a light switch.


Adjustable & Dimmable

Customize your lighting for any space, time of day or mood. Choose from a range of 16 million colors and 1000 whites, all with the added flexibility of adjusting the brightness with full dimming control.

The LIFX App gives you the ability to control lights individually or in groups allowing for flexibility of adjusting and dimming your lights.


Bright & Efficient

LIFX lights are designed using highly efficient LED technology rated to last up to 22 years. With the Color 1000, you can enjoy 1055 lumens of brightness, which is equivalent to the output of 75 watt incandescent bulb, only consuming 11 watts of energy.

You too can become efficient with your lighting by choosing to set your lights to automatically turn on and off with your LIFX App. Enjoy the freedom of automated lights and your wallet might just thank you.


Welcome to your Smart Home

LIFX on the Move.

Unlock a world of internet-connected potential with your own personal LIFX Cloud account. Never come home to the dark again when you access your LIFX lights from afar.

Can’t remember if you turned your lights off? Double check on the move with a simple tap on your smart device or enjoy added peace of mind when traveling by setting your LIFX lights to toggle sporadically, giving the impression someone is home.

Be Connected.

Expand on the LIFX experience by connecting with IFTTT and tap into thousands of the Apps that you already know and love.

Connect to your phone’s GPS and have your lights turn on automatically when you arrive home or watch your LIFX lights flash blue when you are tagged on Facebook. Enhance your LIFX experience with one simple statement - If This Then That.

Download existing recipes from the LIFX IFTTT Channel or create your own.

Works with Nest.

When it comes to security you shouldn’t be in the dark. For added comfort and security, LIFX works with Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat.

If Nest Protect detects smoke or CO, LIFX lights will flash to let you know there might be danger. Going on vacation? As soon as your Nest Thermostat switches itself into Away mode, your LIFX lights will make it looks like someone’s home by turning on and off automatically.


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